Info in English

Our climbing walls

  • Bouldering hall with 300 m2 of climbing wall + warm up room, campus board, finger boards, gymnastic rings and a smaller separate training wall.
  • New Bouldering hall next door with additional 500 m2 of space for walls and training.
  • Autobelay wall with five lines for climbers that go all the way to 12 m.
  • Rope hall is 16 m high and you can climb both top rope and lead. Belay card required!

Before climbing we require everyone to read and sign our terms of use. You can read and sign them here or at our front desk.

What other services do you have?
We also house a café with various refreshments and a climbing equipment shop with a wide range of different gear to get started or to add on to your current rack.

You can also reserve our meeting and sauna room for meetings, parties or other events. In addition to sauna and meeting space you will have access to a kitchen equipped for ~30 people and a roof terrace. As an additional service you can also rent our hot tub located on the roof terrace.

I’m a beginner can I come?
For beginners we offer a climbing tryout (not for groups larger than 6) which includes the necessary equipment. We will give you the basic instructions to climbing in our bouldering hall and on autobelay wall. You don’t need to reserve a time for a tryout, just show up when we’re open!

How can I climb on your rope walls?
If you already know how to belay either top rope or lead, but don’t have the Finnish national belaying card, you can ask our staff to hold a belay test. The test is free but the card costs 13 € if you haven’t been to one of our climbing courses. You can read the test contents from here or at our front desk.

If you want to learn how to belay top rope or lead climb, you can join one of our climbing courses. The courses are held on a single evening and last 3-4 hours. After the course you will get a 1 month climbing card. During this period you can practice belaying and of course enjoy climbing. Rental equipment is free during the course. You can use our belay devices during the practice period but after this we encourage you to get your own. Courses are mainly held in Finnish so please contact us if you are interested. Or check for the next available English course from:
If you have any questions or are unsure about climbing, contact us either by email or phone.


CLIMBING TRYOUT (no earlier climbing experience or equipment required)

  • Adults                                           16 €
  • Under 18 years                           13 €
  • Under 14 years                           11 € (under adult supervision)

SINGLE TIME ENTRANCE (equipment not incl. in price)

  • Entrance fee                                 10 €
  • (on weekdays before 16.00)      8,5 €
  • Entrance fee (under 18)             7 €
  • Entrance fee (under 14)             5 €


  • Shoes, harness, rope, chalk bag  3 €/each
  • Lock                                                  1 €

10x CARDS (rental equipment not included)

  • Normal                                             85 €
  • Students                                          68 €
  • Under 18                                         59,50 €
  • Under 14                                         42,50 €

10x Cards are valid for one year. Bring with you a card that has a bar code (eg. library card) so we can add the entrances to it.
Students need to show a valid student card or other proof of student status.

CLIMBING COURSES (includes 1 month of climbing and belay card after successful belay test)

  • Climbing basic course for top roping       95 € (3-4 hours)
  • Climbing lead course for lead climbing   95 € (3-4 hours)
  • Student price for both 75 €


  • Guided climbing session over 10 ppl (90 min)             300 € / 10 people (additional ppl +25 €/each)
  • Guided climbing session under 10 ppl (90 min)          80 € / 2 people (additional ppl +30  €/each)
  • School groups                                                                    8 € / student (min charge for 10 ppl)
  • Children’s birthdays                                                         25 € / child (min charge for 6 ppl)


  • Yearly membership                              600 €
  • Climbing club members                      540 €
  • Students                                                480 €
  • Under 18 years                               420 €
  • Under 14 years                               300 € (under adult supervision)

Can also be paid in installments.
Ask our staff for more information on membership benefits!